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Implementing creative solutions to reach your ideal audience and turn them into loyal clients.

Feeling lost in the noise and endless onslaught of the next best app for you to jump on for your social media or plug into your website to get better reach and SEO?

I get it. It’s an energy suck, and you don’t have time for it.  If you’re sick of trying to figure it out and you wish someone would step in and show you the way, you’re one step closer to ending the madness.

I have over 20 years experience online as a web developer and web accessibility specialist working in start-ups, marketing, public television (WGBH), and higher education (Harvard and MIT). I graduate with a degree in Film and New Media from Emerson College, and I’m this close to having my degree in Instructional Design and Educational Technology.  My odd blend of experiences is ideally suited to help businesses like yours tap into the social media landscape and focus in on the one or two areas where real results are possible.

We’re lucky to be present in a time where personal storytelling and broadcasting are literally in the palm of our hands. I started my first podcast more than two years ago and hopped into live streaming soon after and I’ve seen the power of both of these mediums to connect us to total strangers who become loyal followers.

The intimacy and personal connection that’s possible today are new and FREE. Never before have we been in an era where we can broadcast to our audience and create our own show that highlights our interests, areas of expertise, or products. And I did mention it’s FREE right?

I Love helping small and medium sized businesses find the confidence to jump in and share through these channels so they can reap the benefits of their brand and enjoy the spark that comes from putting yourself out there.

And if you’re willing to spend on paid advertising things can get even more exciting. Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and Google AdWords have incredible power to reach thinly sliced layers of detail never before possible. Comparing them to traditional print advertising, local coupons, or yellow pages is a like comparing Google search to a set of Encyclopedias.



mimikacooney_7477_envy_lowresHow does that benefit you?

That’s easy. Creating a voice and a campaign around what is unique to you takes the weight off your shoulders. You don’t have to figure it all out alone.

I love connecting with new people and hearing what they’re working on and what’s challenging them. If I can help, I will. And if it makes sense to work together, that’s awesome.

Interested in one of the packages here? Want to chat about your social media situation and put a strategy in place to get greater results? If so, fill out the short form below, and I’ll be in touch ASAP.

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