Software and Tools

  • Leadpages
  • Blue Host – I’ve been with Blue Host for 22 years straight! I joke that it’s the longest term relationship I’ve ever had. True! And they’ve been there for me through thick and then. Always ready to help me with a website challenge, wordpress issue, setting up a Woo Commerce store, activating Stripe, moving domains, you name it. They’ve been there to help me. Yes, I’m a techy chick but it’s always been great to know they have my back and will walk me through when I’m stuck. I’ve learned a ton from them over the years and honestly never ever considered switching to another host. I have no fewer than 12 domains hosted there!


TubeBuddy – the best tool to help you grow your youTube channel and truly understand how you and others are monetizing. I LOVE this tool!!eCamm Live – This is such a bargain! Of all the the FB Live tools this one is the easiest, most robust, and least expensive to use. For just $29 ONE time you get a ton: – Ability to go live from FB or YouTube- Ability to show pre-recorded video- Ability to add graphics and still image overlays- Ability to share your screen- Ability to show your face while sharing your screen- Ability to have a guest with the Skype Recorder version

Animoto – Animoto is hands down THE best slide and marketing video creation tool for people who want simple templates that are elegant, flexible, and look professional. This tool is available online as well as on your phone and makes it so easy to create video. And it’s affordable. Given the ROI for marketing and promo videos, you really can’t go wrong investing in this tool. Use it once a month and it will pay for itself.

Programs and Courses

Maria Forleo’s B-School

Marie Forleo’s B-School is the premier training course for women who want to make an impact but don’t yet have an understanding of the online realm and social media. I think of it as a sorority of women who also want to help each other out, collaborate, and network. Many people I know rave about B-School and the impact that it’s had on their lives. I’m a big fan of Amy Porterfield and she credits much of her success to Marie’s program.Marie only launches the program once or twice a year. So if you’re interested in the program and want to jump in you’ll have to wait until the beginning of the year or the summertime.

Alex Khan – Social Media Master Class

This course will include the basics from how to build your very first landing page and email list to picking the perfect niche that will make you money. Alex Khan is a social media genius with a heart of gold. He understands the true meaning of community and has built his Khan Family with integrity and TLC. As a member of his Master Class you gain access to his Facebook Community and his online course repository of webinars that grow each week. Join his live calls by mobile or laptop and choose to chime in with questions at the end. You have DIRECT ACCESS to Alex and his knowledge. He recently began creating homework assignments and shifted the webinar schedule to accommodate the extra work and review of homework. His hands on approach solidifies the theories taught in his webinar. He also often critiques websites, landing pages, accounts, etc.You have access to a true mentor who’s on the cutting edge of social media and al for a low monthly investment. Big thumbs up from what I’ve learned.

Ryan Steinholfson – Live Stream Success

Learn key strategies to leverage live streaming from a master Digital Marketing Consultant and live Streaming expert Ryan Steinolfson. Ryan goes live weekly with lessons to his Go Live group on Facebook and shares his SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for how to go live with clients and build their audience and exposure, how to syndicate recorded videos that were originally live streamed. You won’t be just another number in Ryan’s group. It’s 30-50 people at most.

Nicole Walters – 1K in a Day

Nicole Walters famously gave her notice on Periscope LIVE and went on to become a Super Star Biz and Income Strategist with a some help from mentor Chalene Johnson who discovered Nicole live streaming in the early days of Periscope. It’s a quite a story!! Nicole’s 1K in a Day Academy is ground breaking. She’s the first person to show how to create a soup to nuts foundation for online success. If you’ve got big dreams for selling your services or wares online, this is an affordable course that will cover ALL the bases. By the end of the course you’ll be ready to sell!! This is one of my favorite courses and absolutely the biggest bang for your buck.

Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year

The 90 Day Year Program by Todd Herman is designed to help entrepreneurs re-shape their business & personal performance through a proven & studied system and process.

James Wedmore’s Business By Design

James Wedmore is a YouTube hero. He started as a bartender who sold his bartender training program online before online sales were prevalent. From there he realized his talent for creating videos and began helping others. His trainings grew as did his influence and he’s now recognized as a leader, an influencer, and a mentor to people with 6 and 7 figure businesses. He developed Business By Design to offer an affordable path to success for regular people like you and me. Sweet! His course is set up as a start to finish recipe to launch your business, product, or service. I’ve seen what following his course and immersing oneself in his community can do. Lots of students have changed their lives and their income streams by following his methods. Check it out!