After watching a video,
64% of viewers become buyers.

Wouldn't you LOVE for this video
or one like it to be on
YOUR site promoting YOU?

The problem is...

    • You don't know how to make one of these videos.
    • You don't have the time to make one even if you knew how.
    • You don't know what to say or what to put in the video.
“A minute of video is worth 1.8 Million words.” - Forrester Research

And that's exactly why I created my signature package:

YOUR VITAL VIDEO (VITAL, as in ignore this at your peril.)

YOUR VITAL VIDEO is a done-for-you video marketing package that will provide you with video that will finally help you attract clients who “get you” and value what you do.

Stephani RobertsDigital Strategist/Content Creator

Hi, my name is Steph. And my passion is helping people use video strategically because of the following stats that blew my mind when I decided to pursue this idea.

"96% of people enjoy watching promotional videos and admit that watching them makes them more inclined to buy. -Aberdeen"

"Including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%."

"46% of people admit to making a purchase after viewing a video."

Listen, I know what it's like to have the best of intentions and have them thwarted by circumstances. I'm a busy solo mom with two small kids. It's rough.
It's hard to get to ALL the things on your to-do list to grow your business while you're busy doing the work. It can be overwhelming. All you really need is an expert like me to dive into your business and help you take this giant leap to get your message out there in a fun professional way and make sure you're seen and heard.

Given the opportunity, I'd love to help you boost your audience with some free marketing tools too.


One 60-second video
that will be syndicated across all social platforms and YouTube.
($1000 value)

A roadmap for strategically sharing and reposting your video, plus how to leverage paid advertising (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn) to reach a highly targeted audience ($397).


($500 SAVINGS)

Let's Start Working Together.